A Lifetime of Memories

Protect your precious memories forever by converting your favorite pictures into a custom photo Montage that can be set to music and viewed on your television. A photo Montage is great for a wedding  to be shown at the reception. A photo Montage is ideal for a  retirement party, special birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations,  or any special occasion.

You create the story we help you tell it. It’s our job to take your photos  and music and create  a complimentary mood to tell your story. We include some special effects but our main goal is to tell your story.

A Photo Montage combines photography and sound  into a dynamic video program. The results will be an endless life time of memories. 

Let us bring your static photos to life.


Getting Started

Decide what type of show you would like. It can be an emotional and slow,  uplifting or we can create a range of emotions. You need to decide this so you will know what type of  music to use. To comply with copy write laws you must own each song. We also have royalty free music you can choose from. You must  provide us with your original CD or we can purchase music for you. The number of photos you have will determine how many songs you will need. A rule of thumb is 6 seconds of music per photo.

Choose your photos wisely. It's the most essential task. Don't worry about scratches or other damage, we can repair most minor damage. Do not select out of focus or grainy photos. It's best not to have any photo smaller than 3X5

Number each photo with a sticky note on the back. Do not write on the photo. If you have digital files, rename each file with a 3 digit number ( 001.jpg).

Montage Pricing

Montage Production Setup

Digital Images

Scanned Photos or Slides

Music You Supply on CD

Music We Supply

Additional Titles

Video Clips

DVD Copies


    .50 each

  1.00 each

  2.00 per song

  3.00 per song

  5.00 each

  2.00 per min

15.00 each


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